About Investment Diamonds

Companyia Internacional del Brillant is very serious about its clients' profitability, commitment and above all, confidence. For this reason we are glad to introduce our Diamond Invetment Services
1¿Investing in Diamonds?
We advise you on the type of diamond with a shiny cut, as this is 100% investment driven. Because this is still possible and to guarantee the revaluation of the product, we advise the diamonds with the best possible characteristics, as the more difficult it is to get, the more sought after it is and the higher the price.
2¿What are their characteristics?
The first characteristic is the QUILATATION, when a diamond weighs a month, which is its repercussion and its magnitude, the price is high, this growth is exponential, and as I have said before, less diamonds with these characteristics are preferable to buy the best possible carat. In second place we have the colour, which because of the strict follow up of the investment we need a diamond with a colour D in the scale, which we have said is the characteristic of our white sparkles. Thirdly, this is the pure stone, which in our case we always look for pure Flawless (FL), which indicates that the stone is clear with a magnifying glass, that is, it has no imperfection either inside or outside, and thus it is a perfect stone. Finally, we have the characteristic of the size, which is divided into the proportions, size and symmetry, which to avoid depreciation must always be these three in an EXCELLENT condition in its scale. It should also be noted that the investment diamonds should NOT fluoresce to avoid a possible "false colour". To avoid this fluorescence, look for stones of type 2A, which indicates that they are formed entirely from exclusively pure carbon, which makes them as beautiful as they are special and with a characteristic light.
All the stones have an identity, because they are controlled with a certificate, this certificate has a specific number for each stone, which is registered in the filet of the glitter. In order to give you a legitimate month and to prove that the diamond has specific characteristics for investment, we offer all diamonds with a double or triple certification of the best gemmological laboratories in the world. As HRD with its headquarters in the Americas, or GIA the most important gemmological institute in the US. And the important month, since it is the one that interests us, is the RAPPAPORT DIAMOND REPORT INVESTMENT CERTIFICATE, which indicates that the diamond has an exclusive investment purpose, which guarantees an intrinsic value as if it was made from a Picasso, due to its very special characteristics. In this way our diamonds are recognized and verified by all the diamond heads of the world. Being a type of diamond that makes up only 2% of the world's production, it is clear that there is a demand for it, and therefore the demand is greater than the supply. This means that the probability of depreciation remains minimal and sales are much faster.
4About the Investment
As all investments, because the profitability follows the highest possible it is necessary a time of maturation of between 3 and 5 years, since the diamond has an independent market, to avoid being harmed by any oscillation, with an investment in the middle, the long term is considered greater benefit in the investment. At CIB, we have the capacity to sell investment diamonds, which have a high tendency to rise in price, since our prices are directly from the Stock Exchange of Antwerp (Belgium) and we have had a warehouse for more than 30 years to negotiate directly with the producers.