About Gold Investing

Companyia Internacional del Brillant is very serious about its clients' profitability, commitment and above all, confidence. For this reason we are glad to introduce our Gold Invetment Services
1¿Gold Investment?
Gold has always been considered one of the best investment options. The characteristics of this precious metal make it a very interesting option for many investors. Among them, its high profitability and the security that provides the highest value precious metal in the market. Another advantage associated with investing in a precious metal like gold is its great ease of sale, since its demand is high and a large number of people or entities are willing to buy it at any time.
2¿Why Companyia Internacional del Brillant?
What are the advantages of investing in gold with Compayía Internacional del Brillant
One of the advantages of using our company's investment services is that we have a gemology laboratory. This allows us to analyze and certify the purity of the gold, so the client can be sure to pay a price that is totally adjusted to the quality of the gold. At present, investing in gold is one of the most profitable investments available. Therefore, it is not surprising that in recent years this type of investment operation has increased in number, offering a great return to investors around the world. In addition, one of the advantages of investing in gold is that it is exempt from VAT, so increases in this indirect tax in recent years have not harmed investments in this precious metal. How we see its great profitability and the absence of tax burdens make investing in gold very interesting. Therefore, it is not surprising to see how in recent times the economic instability of a good number of countries has contributed to making gold the refuge value par excellence. Many investors have turned to this precious metal to protect and secure their investments.
3¿Why Invest?
It is important to note that the value of gold has always shown an upward trend, because it is a limited commodity. The population is growing, while gold reserves are limited, something that contributes to increasing the value of this precious metal. So much so that in recent years investments in coins or gold bars are generating returns that are difficult to compare with other investment products. If you are thinking of investing in gold with CIB, we offer you the best service for buying and selling gold bars and gold coins. All this in the most convenient way through our physical establishments.